Our Southwood Missionaries

Miriam Abbott

Miriam Abbott,

translation consultant in Florida.

Email: miriam.abbott@crossworld.org

Newsletter: July 2016


Mike & Debbie Bannon,

teaching ministry in Ireland.

Email: mdbannon@hotmail.com

Newsletter: January 2017

family photo Brown1

Matt & Cindi Brown,

Camp Streamside in Stroudsburg, PA.

Email: matt@streamside.org

Newsletter: Spring 2016

The Geraghty Family

Glen & Sharon Geraghty,

church planters in Chester, PA.

Email: ggeraghty@worldimpact.org

Newsletter: June 2017

Jim and Roberta Hill

Jim & Roberta Hill,

radio ministry in Cary, NC

Email: jhill@twr.org

Newsletter: July 2017



Bob & Lidia Johns,

church planters in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Email: rljohns03@gmail.com

Newsletter: May 2017

Karch Family

Rob & Martine Karch,

church planters in Canada.

Email: karch@worldventure.net

Newsletter: January 2016

Diana Muenzenberger

Diana Muenzenberger,

teacher at Faith Academy in the Philippines.

Email: diana.muenzenberger@faith.edu.ph

Newsletter: July 2017

Website: faith.edu.ph

richner (2)

Randy & Cindy Richner,

church planters in Brazil.

Email: rrichner@abwe.cc

Newsletter: Spring 2015

Carlos and Sandy Rios

Carlos And Sandy Rios,

church planters in Mexico

Email: CarlosSandyRios1@gmail.com

Newsletter: April 2017

Website: www.team.org


Eric & Donna Shrift,

church planters in Brazil.

Email: eric.shrift@crossworld.org

Newsletter: Spring 2016

Blog: shriftblog.org

Valiente Family

Percy & Carol Valiente, television ministry and discipling program in Lima, Peru.

Newsletter: Spring 2015