Southwood Baptist Church exists to glorify God and develop followers of Jesus.

Ministry Strategy

Worship God by developing a growing intimacy with God.

Connect with Others by uniting people in biblical community.

Serve Others by engaging people in applying their spiritual gifts for service.

Reach Others by establishing spiritual relationships with non-Christians.


We Believe . . .

  • The Bible is God’s word to us.
  • There is one God expressed in three persons (God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).
  • Jesus is both man and God.
  • Humans are spiritually depraved.
  • Jesus died as the substitute for sin and was raised from the dead.
  • Eternal life can be received through faith in Jesus.
  • Once you’ve trusted in Jesus, you will spend eternity with Him.
To view our full Statement of Belief, click here.

How to enter into a relationship with God

You can be sure you have eternal life in heaven with God by following the steps below:

Admit – that you are a sinner and in need of a Savior. The Bible and our own experience tells us that we all sin and fall short of God’s standard. We receive salvation by admitting our sin.

Abandon – self-effort and realize that you can’t be saved by your works or your own efforts.  God tells us to believe in Jesus and you will be saved. 

Accept – freely Christ’s payment for your sins. The Bible tells us that God loved you so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to the earth to live the perfect life we cannot live, and that whoever believes in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus will have eternal life. 

Acknowledge – Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. God says that salvation comes through no one else; there is no other name under heaven that can save you. 

If you admit your sin, abandon your effort to be “good,” accept God’s free gift of Jesus, and acknowledge Him as Savior and Lord, you will have eternal life.

Jesus says that your eternity is then secure.  After all, “eternal” in eternal life means forever. Jesus declares if you hear my word, and believe in God who sent me, you have eternal life, and do not come into judgment, but have passed from death to eternal life.  Hear and believe and have eternal life. It is a completed non-revocable transaction.

If you have questions about receiving eternal life, please contact our pastor.