In Worship

On Sunday we evaluated how Jesus is different than the long line of spiritual wise men and gurus who are often highly revered in our culture.  This Sunday we are continuing in our series  – Who Is Jesus?
  This week we will explore how to take this unusual person who has had such a dramatic impact on our world.


 Continuing in Prayer

There is much in our world for which we can continue to pray this week.

  • For those recovering from the devastating murders in Las Vegas
  • For those recovering and rebuilding from the hurricane in Texas
  • For those recovering and rebuilding from the hurricane in Florida
  • For those recovering and rebuilding from the hurricane in Puerto Rico
  • For those in the midst of the raging wildfires in California

In addition to praying for these things that have happened, we can pray for God to engineer some other things to happen.

  • Pray that God would be raising up individuals and leaders who can build bridges over the racial discord in our society
  • Pray that the mighty power of God’s Holy Spirit would work to unite our nation’s elected officials
  • Pray that God would raise up teachers and students who will stand strong against bullying
  • Pray that people who don’t know God would deeply feel the void in their heart and seek to fill it with Him.
  • Pray that God would use each one of us, right where we are, to help those seeking God to find Him.

Coming Attractions 

This Sunday we will have our annual Harvest Dinner – a time of fellowship and recognition of God’s great provision and care for us.  I hope you will make plans to join with us as we celebrate together. 


In Worship

Last Sunday Scott encouraged us through Psalm 13 to trust in the certainty of God’s love as we wait and wait for God to respond with lovingkindness to our pleas and prayers.  This Sunday we will resume our Series –
Who Is Jesus?
  This week we will explore how Jesus is different than other revered spiritual holy men and women, and what is means for us that Jesus is indeed different from the others.  With all of the avenues people have to purse wisdom in our non-Christian world, this is certainly a good opportunity to invite any of your friends who are seeking answers to the meaning of life.   

Continuing in Prayer

This past week we, as Americans, experienced one of the most horrible attacks on our fellow citizens from one of our own.  It is really unimaginable…the terror, grief of loss, and horrible disregard for life.   A good place for us to start would be from the words of Daniel who prayed for his people before God:  Listen to us, O God; look at us and see the trouble we are in and the suffering of the city [and country]… We are praying to you because you are merciful, not because we have done right.
Lord, hear us.  Lord, forgive us.  Lord, listen to us, and act!  In order that everyone will know that you are God, do not delay!  We are yours.  Daniel 9.18 – 19.

Also pray specifically:

  • For those injured and the families of those who lost loved ones
  • For everyone who was present during this horrible shooting rampage
  • Thanking God for the first responders who risked all to come to the aid of those being attacked
  • Pray for the Las Vegas community which will bear the marks of this tragedy for many years to come
  • Pray for all of God’s churches to be outposts of healing and lighthouses to help people find Jesus
  • Pray that God would come quickly – doing everything He needs to do in order to institute his permanent rule and reign

Coming Attractions 

A week from Sunday we will have our annual Harvest Dinner – a time of fellowship and recognition of God’s great provision and care for us.  I hope you will make plans to join with us as we celebrate together. 


In Worship

This past Sunday we explored the truths that Jesus didn’t come to make us better versions of ourselves but to transform, resurrect and redeem us.  This Sunday we will take a break from our series and spend time focusing on Psalm 13 from the Old Testament.  Our goal will be to understand how to deal faithfully with turmoil and frustrations.  This is certainly a message that can be of benefit to all people at some point in their life.  Who can you invite to join with us?  

Continuing in Prayer

Tomorrow students in our community and around the world will participate in
See You at the Pole rallies at their schools.  For over 25 years, See You at the Pole has been about one simple act—prayer. See You at the Pole
unites students in prayer before God interceding for their generation.  As these young followers of Jesus stand up and publically participate in prayer for their schools, friends, families, churches and communities, there are some specific ways in which we can pray for them.  For these faithful youth, please pray:
  • That they would stand strong when they find their faith challenged
  • That they would reach out in compassion to their fellow students and would be gracious and kind when they face rejection
  • That God would fill these students with love and prevent them from being judgmental of their fellow students
  • That they would stand tall tomorrow and be bold effective representatives of Jesus
  • That God would honor their faith by using this day to be a spark for conversations about faith and life
  • That these students rely on God’s word in the Bible when they are confused, scared, challenged or have questions they can’t answer themselves

Also pray for believing teachers and school administrators who step up to support these students in prayer and their own active participation.

And pray for the students in Little People Day Nursery that they would one day join in the line of those who are who are faithfully praying tomorrow.

Coming Attractions 

This Sunday we will participate in Communion.  Please take some time to prayerfully prepare to take part in remembering the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made so that you could be secure in the presence of God for all of eternity.

You are invited to join with all of your Southwood friends for our Harvest Dinner on Sunday, October 15, immediately following our worship service.  Please mark your calendars and see the bulletin board for additional details.


In Worship

On Sunday we clarified that Jesus is indeed much more than a personal counselor interested in improving your earthly life.  This Sunday, as we continue our series, Who is Jesus?, we will examine how we relate to Jesus and what to consider when we relate to the Creator of the Universe.   This is a great series to which you can invite those you know who may not be certain about Jesus or who may have questions about who Jesus is.  

Continuing in Prayer

On Saturday we will host a table at the West Deptford Days being held at Riverwinds.  This is a tremendous opportunity for us to let the members of our surrounding community that we are present and have what they really need.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to help connect people to the love that only Jesus can give them.  Please pray that God would bring people our way who need to experience the transformation He offers.

Coming Attractions 

This Sunday we continue the two adult Sunday School classes at 9.15 am.  You can still join in! 

Come out to the West Deptford Days at Riverwinds from 1 – 5 pm and stop by our table.


In Worship

This past Sunday we grappled with the idea that Jesus is not as American as we’d often like to think.  As we continue our series, Who is Jesus?, this Sunday we will continue to explore ideas our culture gives us and contrast them with the real Jesus of the Bible.  This is a wonderful series at which you can invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members who may not be certain about Jesus or who may have questions about who Jesus is.  

Continuing in Prayer

This Sunday we will have our quarterly Congregational Meeting.  Pray that God would guide us in discerning well His leading as we seek to become the church He wants us to be.

Coming Attractions 

This Sunday we continue the two adult Sunday School classes begun last week. 

Again our Congregational Meeting will follow our worship service Sunday.

On Saturday, the 23
we will be reaching out to the community at the West Deptford Days. 
And on the 24
, we will have an ice cream fellowship and tour of the updated Missions Apartment.



In Worship

This past Sunday we kicked off our new series, Who is Jesus?  I this first installment we focused on the fact that Jesus is not our creation but our Creator.  This Sunday we will continue to explore some of our ideas about Who is Jesus?, and see have they square with what the Bible tells us.  This is a wonderful series at which you can invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members who may not be certain about Jesus or who may have questions about who Jesus is.  

Continuing in Prayer

This week I encourage all of us to make our prayers national in scope.  Please pray for those in the Texas area who have been so devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  I read somewhere that more than 7 million residents from the area have been affected by the storm.  Additionally, as forecasters are predicting an equally devastating Hurricane Irma to hit Florida early next week, pray for God’s protection and mercy for those living in the path of this powerful storm.

Coming Attractions 

This Sunday we begin two new Sunday School classes for adults at 9am.  We will have a class for young couples focused on relationships and friendships; and, anther class that can help you answer the question: What’s the main message of the Bible? And How can you explain it?   I hope you will be able to join us for one of these great opportunities.

As a reminder, our quarterly Congregational Meeting will be September 17
, following our worship service.

In Worship

This past Sunday we concluded our Say What?! series covering a variety of interesting, challenging and encouraging portions of God’s word in the Bible.  This Sunday we begin a new series – Who is Jesus?  In this series we will explore some of the myths, misconceptions, ideas we fashion about who Jesus is, and examine what the Bible tells us.  This is a wonderful series at which you can invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members who may not be certain about Jesus or who may have questions about who Jesus is. 


Continuing in Prayer

A week ago we were privileged to Skype with Carlos and Sandy Rios, our missionaries in Mexico; and last month we were able to Skype with our missionary Rob Karch and host Randy Richner our missionary in Brazil. 

In connecting with our missionaries, I am always reminded that they have not lost the primary purpose of their mission: to make disciples.  Everything they do, every word they say or teach or preach, every dollar they spend, it all has the ultimate purpose of making hopeful, joyful disciples of Jesus.

It is helpful for us to remember that those who make disciples is not limited only to the professional missionaries.  When Jesus rescued us, He brought us on into his work as ones who would be His witness to our neighbors and to the nations, helping them know that He is sufficient.  One passage that encourages us in this mission is found in Colossians 4:2-6: Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison— that I may make it clear, which is how I ought to speak. Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person (Colossians 4:2-6 ESV).

These verses raise a compelling question:

Will you pray for an opportunity to share Jesus this week?   


Few meaningful things happen in this life without intentionality.  You don’t pay your bills without intentionally making sure you have the money, you know how much to pay, when the due date is.  Even if you have it automatically withdrawn, you need to make sure you have enough money to cover it.  You don’t get your homework done without intentionally doing it and doing it well.  Coming to church takes some effort and planning: showering, putting on clothes, getting your Bibles and phones and car keys, getting in the car, etc.

The same intentional effort is needed to tell others about your faith.  And this begins with prayer. 

These verses encourage us to pray for opportunities to tell people about who Jesus is, what He’s done, and what He aims to do in us.  

Will you pray that God opens a door for you to tell others about Jesus?  And, will you pray for God to open doors for the rest of us as well? 

Coming Attractions 

A big THANKS to everyone who is taking the opportunity to visit families of VBS attenders and connect with them.  If you have an encouraging encounter you’d like to share, please let us know.

Our quarterly Congregational Meeting will be September 17
, following our worship service.

Additionally, there is still time for you to join with others to share the love of Jesus at our booth at West Deptford Day, coming up on Saturday, September 23!  Hope you can clear some space on your calendar between 1 – 9 pm to connect with many in our community who don’t know who Jesus is.


In Worship

This past Sunday we explored the miraculous healings found in the Bible, and also came face-to-face with the gift of miraculous healing God gives you to lift people out of spiritual blindness.  This week will cover a multitude of questions as we conclude our series.  I hope you will be able to join with us on Sunday.

Continuing in Prayer

Last week, this week, next week are all times students, teachers professors, and school administrators are preparing for and returning to the classroom.  Pray that God would put his hand of protection on all of our schools and keep them safe from predators and those who would seek to do harm; pray that God’s wisdom would pour into our teachers and school leaders as they provide caring and intellectually challenging environments for their students;  pray that God would give our educators fresh hearts and spirits as they begin the new school year and would sustain them through the long hours they will encounter; for our students pray that they will be diligent in their studies and eager to learn; pray that they will be well-prepared to enter the classroom ready to learn; pray that all of our students would seek to make friends rather than enemies and that they would be leaders in their schools in joy, peace, kindness, and self-control.  And pray that all, who spend any time in any of our schools, would be God-honoring.

Coming Attractions 

Not only do you have the opportunity to share the light and love of Jesus by: visiting those families who participated in VBS; and joining our team to connect with the community at West Deptford Days;  You will also have the opportunity to invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members to our new series which will begin next week…


In Worship

Last week we explored the difference between being of the world and being sent in to the world.  This week we will enter the amazing exciting world of Miraculous Healing, what it looked like in the time of the Old Testament prophets, in the time of Jesus, and what God’s healing means for us today.  This will be a wonderful time to worship together and be encouraged to respond to God’s amazing word!  Hope you can be with us Sunday at 10.30 am. 

Continuing in Prayer

As most of us are aware of the hateful violent animosity that has seemingly become a common part of our culture, with tender hearts we should recall the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 as we Pray for Renewal in Our Hearts and Churches to Focus on Jesus and His Healing Restoring Mission.

You are like salt for the whole human race.  But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again.  It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it.   “You are like light for the whole world.  A city built on a hill cannot be hid.  No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead it is put on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house.  In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.

  Matthew 5:13 – 16

Gracious Jesus, at times we may dream about a more mellow type of Christianity, one that helps me to disengage from the chaos of our culture; that is filled with rich food and breeze-swept days; one of enjoying the Christian life waiting for you to return and set everything straight.  That is not a prayer request but a confession of sin. 

I know deep in my soul that lifestyle for which I am redeemed.  Jesus, the church belongs to you; she is your beloved bride; and often, like many other good things you give, we take the church into the idol factory of our hearts and make it into a setting for our own satisfaction.  Forgive us, Jesus. Forgive me.

Lord, You’ve called us and commissioned us to live as the salt of the earth.  We’re not some elegant expensive spice like saffron, or an exotic spice like curry.  We are salt.  Salt preserves and fends off decay.  Salt heals and soothes—it has medicinal value.  Salt brings flavor and enhances other flavors.  And salt only works when it’s out of the shaker.   Alas, my own prayer convicts me.

Jesus, how is it possible for us to lose our saltiness?  How do entire church families lose their vision and passion?   More important, what does renewal look like?

God we need you Holy Spirit to stir our hearts, to re-salt us…to refocus us on what is most important in our faith.  Draw us back to see Jesus clearly and completely.  Help us to see how he sought, served and salted a world set against him.  Help us to see Jesus as the one who can re-engage us into the mission we’ve been given to salt our neighborhoods, workplaces, families, and shine our light into our communities, city and nations.  Help us to see you, as we point others to you.

We pray gratefully, in Jesus’ merciful and mighty name. Amen.

Coming Attractions 

You have the opportunity to be this physical human light.  Join with others to visit the families in your own neighborhood who participated in Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We have a gift for the children and an invitation for all to come and explore with us, Who is Jesus?  We will also have this opportunity as we prepare to participate again this year in West Deptford Days, Saturday September 23
.  there are some fun and exciting ways you can participate in this outreach.  Pray for God to reveal how He can work through you in these two opportunities. 

In Worship

Last week we absorbed a fantastic vision of the future God has for you as a believer in His Son Jesus.  This week we will tackle another challenge in defining what “is” is, and “of” and “in,” from a passage in John chapter 14.  This will be a wonderful time to worship together and be encouraged to respond to God’s amazing word!  Hope you can be with us Sunday at 10.30 am. 

Continuing in Prayer

Attached is a brief article from Seth Godin, an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker.  This article is a good reminder as to the things that shape our minds.

Seeing and believing

Seth Godin
It turns out that the more you watch TV, the more you believe that the world is dangerous. It turns out TV watchers believe that an astonishing 5% (!) of the population works in law enforcement. And it turns out that the more you watch TV the less optimistic you become.

Cultivation theory

 helps us understand the enormous power that TV immersion has.

Given the overwhelming power of interaction, I’m confident that we’ll discover that internet exposure, particularly to linkbait headlines, comments and invective, will also change what people believe about the world around them.

It’s hopeful to imagine that we can change these outcomes by changing the inputs. Of course, the hard part is choosing to do so.

Every time I see a toddler in a stroller with an internet device in hand, I shudder.

If we want a better future, it helps to be able to see the world as it is.  ###


that God would make you keenly aware of what you are putting into your mind and how it is shaping you.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide your choices, and create in you the desire and ability to feed on God’s word. 

Fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable

.  Philippians 4.8  These things can be found in God’s word.

Coming Attractions 

Last Sunday Steve extended the invitation to you to visit the families in your own neighborhood who participated in Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We will have a signup list with neighborhoods near you! 



In Worship

This past Sunday Randy Richner, our missionary in Brazil, reminded us of the tremendous spiritual blessings of peace, joy, and hope we have as children of God.  This Sunday we will resume our Say What?! series, and explore a fascinating scene in the 22
chapter of the book of Revelation, and seek to understand how to respond to the fantastic future God has in store for each one of us.  Hope you will join us.     


 Continuing in Prayer

Our mission ministry team has returned from their adventure in the Philippines.  Please pray that the spiritual seeds they planted will take root and grow.  Also pray for our missionary, Diana Muenzenberger, as she moves back into a regular cycle of ministry without these special helpers; and, as the new school year begins at Faith Academy.  As we prepare for Randy and his family, please pray for their safe arrival here to Southwood.

Additionally our missionary in Brazil, Randy Richner and his family, will continue to travel this summer throughout the US connecting with supporting churches and individuals.  Please uphold them in your prayers, especially for safe travel and for God to sustain them daily as they minister to those whom they visit.

Further, as a recipient of God’s grace and the gifts of peace and joy and hope, ask God how He can use you to share these wonderful blessings and to help you to recognize who He is bringing near to you so that you can share these wonderful blessings with them.

Coming Attractions 

Exciting ministry opportunities are on the horizon!  Ask God to make you ready!

Let us give glory to God!  He is able to make you stand firm in your faith, according to the Good News I preach about Jesus Christ and according to the revelation of the secret truth which was hidden for long ages in the past.  Now, however, that truth has been brought out into the open through the writings of the prophets; and by the command of the eternal God it is made known to all nations, so that all may believe and obey.  To the only God, who alone is all-wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever!  Amen.  Romans 16.25 – 27

In Worship
Last Sunday we explored God’s hall of fame in Hebrews chapter 11, and were encouraged by the fact that what qualifies anyone, including you, to enter God’s great hall comes by the grace he offers.  We can live today with a confident focus on the finish line, as did all of God’s saints of history past.  This week we take a break from the series to welcome our missionary Randy Richner who will provide an update on ministry in Brazil.


Continuing in Prayer

As we prepare for Randy and his family, please pray for their safe arrival here to Southwood.

Additionally, continue to pray for our own mission ministry team who are ministering to children and families in the Philippines. 

As our team continues to minister, you can specifically pray:

  • For energy for the team to continue the week strong;
  • For clarity as they present the love of God to these children and families both in the lessons and in their personal interactions;
  • That any children or family members who have not accepted the sacrifice of Jesus would understand the wonderful loving sacrifice he has made for them and that they would freely accept it and him and desire to follow him;
  • That our team members would be strengthened in their faith through this experience of serving;
  • And that our missionary Diana Muenzenberger would be uplifted and encouraged by our team.

Further, as we move into August, please pray for the families of Southwood, especially those with young children.  During the summer it is easy for all of us to shift our focus to outdoor activities, travel, sports leagues, vacations, and many times our worship and following of Jesus can become an afterthought.  Pray that all of our families would continue to faithfully follow Jesus and desire to grow in Christlikeness.  Pray that we would not be swayed and enticed by the trappings of all that the world offers, and instead would be eager to draw closer to our Savior.

Coming Attractions

– Next week we will resume our Say What? series and explore an amazing scene painted for us in the book of Revelation!

In Worship

Last Sunday we were challenged to recognize that God does indeed give us more than we can handle…and why.  This week we will travel from the here and now all the way to the beginning of eternity in God’s Kingdom…and seek to understand why some get thrown out of the celebration.  Hope you will be able to join us for the third installment of Say What? 

Continuing in Prayer

This Sunday, technology permitting, we will connect via SKYPE with our missionary Rob Karch.  Rob and his family have been through a lot, and are right now transitioning into a new ministry challenge.  Rob will share with us what’s happening and how we can pray for him and his family during this specific time.

Additionally, we will pray for our own mission ministry team who will be heading for the Philippines to provide ministry to children connected to the ministry of Faith Academy, where our missionary, Diana Muenzenberger, serves.

Please keep our team in your prayers as they complete all the preparations for this ministry.  You can specifically pray:

  • For safety in travel, and God’s comfort during the 24 hour flight to the Philippines.
  • For God to use the experiences, gifts and abilities of Laura, Marcella and Teddy to effectively share His love and truth with the children who participate in the programs.
  • And through the process that our team would individually and collectively grow closer to God as they trust in Him and rely on His amazing provision and power to carry out the ministry to which He has called them.

Coming Attractions

– Continuing our focus on Missions, please mark your calendar for Sunday, July 30!  Our missionary Randy Richner will be speaking in our service, and following the service we will have a time of fellowship and an opportunity to engage with Randy and his family.

In Worship

Last Sunday we began our new series with the intriguing story of Elisha and the two bears.  This week we will investigate what the Bible says about the challenges and trials we encounter in our lives…and if some of the common platitudes we hear re really biblical.  Hope you can join us for the second installment of Say What? 

Continuing in Prayer

As the summer rolls along, it is often a time for life to slow down, and our focus often shifts to leisure and relaxation.  It is good to experience rest and restoration.  And it is good to remain vigilant about the things that matter eternally.  Pray that:

  • Our individual families in the church would use this time doing things as a family, strengthening their families on the foundation of faith in Jesus
  • God continues to give you the energy and desire to pursue Jesus and draw close to Him throughout the summer
  • You (and the rest of your church family) remain committed to joining together to celebrate our common and crucial faith together
  • God would give you opportunities during this summer season to use your spiritual gifts and abilities in new and important ways

Coming Attractions

– There may be an opportunity to follow up with families who participated in Vacation Bible School!  Pray about how God can use you to reach out to these families.



In Worship

Last week we concluded our series on factors that contribute to fruitful families.   This Sunday we begin the new series… 
We will begin by exploring that familiar children’s story, Elisha and the two bears…Say What?

Continuing in Prayer

For the past three days we’ve had an awesome time at VBS.  Thank you to all who are volunteering using you spiritual gifts, and skills and experiences to create an exciting environment for boys and girls to encounter God who has made each one of them for a uniquely special purpose.

Tomorrow the children will be told about how much God loves them and that he gave up his own son so he could be with them.  Please pray that the good news of God’s love is communicated clearly; that all of our leaders and helpers will be able to answer questions asked by the kids and encourage them as they learn about God; that God would open the hearts and spirits of the children; and, that they would understand his love and personally accept it.

Coming Attractions

– Join us Sunday as we celebrate together the amazing things God is doing!

In Worship

Last week We looked at how God made sacrificial leadership instrumental to fruitful families.  I hope you will join us this Sunday as we continue our series looking at how God arranges the precise order of the family to allow our families to be most effective.

Continuing in Prayer

This coming Monday Vacation Bible School begins.  Please pray:

  • That all of our preparations are completed in time for the opening on Monday morning
  • Thanking God for all who have committed to participate in the program as leaders & various helpers
  • That God would prepare the hearts of the children who will be our guests this week; that they would be receptive to the gospel and to all of us
  • That we would be able to connect with parents and grandparents who bring children to VBS; and God would stir their hearts to seek to know him

We will also provide some additional updates during the week and encourage you to check out our website and Facebook page for daily updates on VBS!

 Coming Attractions – Next Sunday, we will begin the new series: Say What

? And encourage you to join us as we explore some of the more unusual passages found in the Bible.

In Worship

Last week In Hosea chapters 12 & 13 we were cautioned against misplaced pride and the value of making Jesus the object of our worship.  We conclude our series in Hosea on a high note this week.  I hope you will be able to join us.


Continuing in Prayer

It seems as though there are a lot of opportunities to pray for God’s message to be heard throughout our world.

 We recently received a note from our missionary Rob Karch as portion of which is copied below.  Rob and his family are seeking God’s blessing as they begin a new journey of ministry in France.  There are multiple opportunities to support the Karch’s in prayer.



In order for us to move to France this summer, things have to move fast. We praise and thank God for the amazing community God has surrounded us with: you!

We can only do this together:

  1. Prayer Cover: (97 normal people still needed who will commit to pray)
  2. Contribute to Outgoing Expenses (still about $29,000 needed – for Tickets, Travel, Housing setup, Car, Visas, etc.)
  3. Make a monthly commitment (still about $1,300/month needed – for living expenses in France, work funds, organization funds, etc.)
  4. Rectify tax issues in Canada (we are working with an International Accounting firm on this).
  5. Our house in Quebec:  find a viable solution: either sale or rental

God must intervene for this to happen.

Could this fail? You bet. But we are following wise counsel throughout this process and have the firm conviction that our role is to step out and anticipate God’s working. Of course, we are open to Him redirecting us through this process if He deems fit. And if that happens, we will reevaluate then. 

At this moment in our lives, this is what it means to follow Jesus wherever He leads: one step at a time. Ready to say “yes,” no matter what He asks of us. 

TOGETHER in Christ,

– Rob, Martine, Caleb & Constance

 Further, this week we’ve seen news of another suicide bombing – this one in Manchester, England that killed 22 people.  Tragically, this is becoming more common.  Please commit to pray daily that God’s peace would overrule the forces of evil that seem to be growing in our world.

 Additionally, Monday we recognize Memorial Day here in the United States and I encourage you to thank God for all who have sacrificed their lives to provide us the freedom we enjoy as citizens of the US.

 Also, following our worship service this Sunday, Diane, Hannah, and I will be traveling to Virginia for a week of vacation.  We greatly appreciate your prayers for safe travel, and a time of refreshing and enjoyment.   


Coming Attractions

– Next Sunday, since I will be away, our Children’s Ministry Director, Steve Houts, will be speaking in our worship service, and Scott Schafer will lead our celebration of communion.

In Worship

Last Sunday we focused on Jesus’ mother, Mary, and what it takes to have Jesus as a member of your family.  This Sunday we resume our series in the book of Hosea focusing on chapters 12 and 13.


Continuing in Prayer

A student at the school in which Kevin Kamps teaches, Tyler Quinter, lost his long battle with congenital heart disease.  Please pray for his mother and father, Lori and Mark, as they grieve the loss of their little boy.

Additionally, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching.  I know that there are a number of teachers and students in our body, in our Little People Day Nursery ministry, and in your own families.  Please pray for these students and teachers as they approach the conclusion of this school year.

Coming Attractions
Following our time of worship on Sunday, we will have a luncheon on the lower level in the gym, to express appreciation for the contributions Steve and Brenda Cupps have made to our ministry, and to welcome our new Worship Leader, Pat McGowan.  I hope that you all will be able to take part in this celebration.



In Worship

Last Sunday, from Hosea 11, we were encouraged to pursue the wonderful homecoming welcome that awaits us in the presence of our Savior.  This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we will explore two qualities that are important to all of us who follow Jesus.      

Continuing in Prayer

As we celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday, it is appropriate to lift these prayers this week:

Heavenly Father, On a day that is called Mother’s Day by the world, we recognize that mothers were your idea to begin with.  We thank you that you fill a mother’s heart with love, That you instill in mothers the need to protect her children, Thank you for giving mothers the gift of nurturing, teaching and comforting her children; for attempting to make the world a safe place for them.

 Lord God, we thank you for guiding them to become all you created them to be. 

 We pray that you will fill every mother with love, wisdom, endurance, strength, patience, unlimited forgiveness, and abounding joy.

 God we ask the you enable mothers to rely on You and call upon You, and recognize that You will provide everything she needs to accomplish the ministry you have given to her.

 On the day designed to recognize mothers,

 We pray for our mothers:

  • who cared for us when we were helpless
  • who comforted us when we were hurt
  • whose love and care we often took for granted.

 We also pray for:

  • those who are grieving the loss of their mother,
  • those who never knew their biological mother, and now yearn for her
  • those who have experienced the wonder of an adopted mother’s love, and
  • all women who have filled these roles and responsibilities in helping others to raise children in a Godly direction.

 I your caring gracious name, amen.


Coming Attractions – Following our time of worship on Sunday, May 21st

, we will have a luncheon on the lower level in the gym, to express appreciation for the contributions Steve and Brenda Cupps have made to our ministry, and to welcome our new Worship Leader, Pat McGowan.  I hope that you all will be able to take part in this celebration.


In Worship

Last Sunday we were encouraged to seek Jesus in various facets of our spiritual lives – like worship, through the word, in prayer, and in community with other believers.  This Sunday we will celebrate communion and embrace the persistent Father who pursues us.    

Continuing in Prayer

Tomorrow is the 66
Annual National Day of Prayer here in the United States.  There will be a prayer gathering at the Riverwinds Community Center from
12 – 1 pm. Whether you an participate or not, you can spend some time in prayer for:

 The churches in our community, state and nation – that they would be faithful lighthouses for the communication of the love of God through Jesus, and tht they would stand unflinchingly on the word of God;

 Families – that they would be open to the good news that Jesus brings and they would continuously purse making Him more real and alive in their family life;

 Schools – that God would invade our schools and inspire Christian teachers to be bold in sharing Him when the opportunity arises and they would consistently model the love of Jesus to students, other faculty and staff;

 For our governmental leaders at all levels of government – that they would establish policies, rules, and laws that would enable us – as indicated in 1 Timothy 2.2 – to live peaceful lives in all godliness and dignity;

 For all Christians – that we would continue to grow toward spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness;

 Revival  — pray that God would use each one of us in a movement of revival that would sweep across the land; and, that God would remind us that revival happens one life and one heart at a time, and He can use you to help further His kingdom and glorify Him!



– This Saturday May 6 will be a Spring day of work around the church grounds and properties.  There are opportunities for all pitch in to care for the material blessings God has given us here at 11 Griscom Lane.  I hope you will be able to participate.

In Worship

Last Sunday we spent a good portion of our morning rejoicing in Jesus who paid the price for our sins.   This coming Sunday we will be challenged to deal with our sin and respond to the Savior who sacrificed himself for you.  

Continuing in Prayer

One week from today will be the 66
Annual National Day of Prayer here in the United States.  Just typing that is a reminder of the wonderful freedom we have here to freely worship our Lord.  In his letter to his disciple Timothy, Paul encourages us to pray: for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.  1 Timothy 2.2


Dr. Dave Butts, the  National Chairman for the National day of Prayer, offers some specifics on how we can pray for our nation:                                            

  1. Protection

Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found; surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him. You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.  Psalm 32:6-7

Pray for the Lord’s protection throughout the new administration’s term of office. Physical and spiritual protection is needed for President Trump and Vice President Pence and their families as well as for all of the administration.

Lord, be our Defender!

  1. Presence

I will put my dwelling place among you, and I will not abhor you. I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people.  Leviticus 26:11-12

Nothing is more important than the Presence of the Lord Himself in the halls of government. Far too many in our nation would isolate our faith to a private personal one or to a house of worship. The Presence of God changes lives and meets the deepest needs—not just those of individuals, but also the needs of our nation and its culture. Welcoming the Presence of the Lord into government can open the door for a longing for His Presence in all of society.

Make Your Presence known Lord!

  1. Peace

I will grant peace in the land, and you will lie down and not one will make you afraid. I will remove savage beasts from the land, and the sword will not pass through your country.  Leviticus 26:6

In the midst of a badly divided nation from top to bottom, we desperately need God’s peace. Pray for the Lord’s peace to come into the Congress of the United States and into the Supreme Court of the land.  May this new administration, which during the campaign often stirred up controversies, become known as an administration that unites and brings peace. Pray also that God’s peace would touch the church in this nation that found itself badly divided over this election.

We long for Your peace to come to our nation, Lord!

  1. Provision

He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever. He has shown his people the power of his works, giving them the lands of other nations. Psalm 111:5-6

We need to humbly come before the Lord and confess our need for His great provision to be poured out upon our nation. We need wisdom from above. We need the provision that meets healthcare needs in just ways. We need the provision of a robust economy that allows us to provide good jobs to those who are able to work. We especially need to be a nation that realizes that what we have comes from the Lord’s hand.

Thank You Loving Father for being our Provider.

  1. Proficiency

Now obey my voice; I will give you advice, and God be with you! You shall represent the people before God and bring their cases to God, and you shall warn them about the statutes and the laws, and make them know the way in which they must walk and what they must do. Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.   And let them judge the people at all times. Every great matter they shall bring to you, but any small matter they shall decide themselves. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. If you do this, God will direct you, you will be able to endure, and all this people also will go to their place in peace.  Exodus 18:19-23

We need a government that is proficient in all its ways. The people of our nation too often look to government as an example of that which doesn’t work well. Inept and inefficient is often our basic view of the government. We need the new administration to begin to function well. We need this administration regularly to ask for the Lord’s help to make it proficient in government. That includes understanding what is and what is not the proper role of government.

Lord God, guide our government to properly use its power for efficient and just leadership of our nation!


– Saturday May 6 will be a Spring day of work around the church grounds and properties.  There will be many opportunities for all of us to pitch in to care for the material blessings God has given us here at 11 Griscom Lane.  Please add this opportunity to your calendar.


In Worship

This past Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus in a wonderful service!  This Sunday, in Hosea chapter 9, we continue this theme, are led to praise Jesus for paying the price for our sins.  I hope that you will be able to join us!   

Continuing in Prayer

As a part of your regular prayer, I encourage you to pray for your family members and friends, and all of the other guests who joined us for our resurrection celebration.  Pray that they would seek to know God; that God would pour His Holy Spirit out on them; and that God would give you an opportunity to invite them back and to tell them what Jesus means to you. 

Special Easter Offering

– for improvements to our worship ministry sound equipment will be received throughout the month of April.  Prayerfully consider making a special gift to help purchase much need improvements to our worship ministry sound equipment.


On a Serving Note – Saturday May 6 will be a Spring day of work around the church grounds and properties.  There will be many opportunities for all of us to pitch in to care for the material blessings God has given us here at 11 Griscom Lane.  Please add this opportunity to your calendar.